adding multimedia

It can be a lovely idea to tailor a funeral service to the memory of your loved one. The ceremony could be personalised with their favourite music, with a video, or a slide presentation of photographs from their childhood to the present day. This is easy if the service is in one of our funeral churches.


We can provide a range of hymns for the funeral service, but it may be appropriate to play some music that was personal to your loved one. You can provide this on CD / mp3 CD / via USB stick / or Bluetooth it from your phone. We can also search Spotify It for the music when you are making the funeral arrangements. (Sometimes music copyright will restrict music being heard afterwards in online funeral videos.)


We can have a photograph of the deceased displayed on the screen throughout the service. This can show the name with date of birth and date of death to match the front of be Order Of Service. We can use the same photograph supplied for the front of the Order of Service. Photos can be sent to us via email / text / Whatsapp: CLICK HERE for details. (Please provide the best quality photograph you can find.)


You can send us an mp4 video file to be played on our computer at a suitable point in the service. If the file size is small enough, this can be emailed to us, but if larger, CLICK HERE for different file formats and ways to send us the file.


Ways to add a PowerPoint Slide Presentation >>