adding multimedia 2


A PowerPoint slideshow can be used to evoke happy memories of your loved one. This can be produced by a family member, or by us if you supply suitable photographs. (The better the quality of the photographs, the better the presentation.)

A presentation can be run:

  • on a loop before the service as people gather
  • ‘stand–alone’ in the service set to music
  • by the speaker clicking to display each photo 

If adding a presentation, please specify when / how it is to be displayed. If we are compiling the presentation, please tell us the order in which the photos are to be displayed. (This can be done by changing the filenames of photos to– 1,2,3, etc.). If sending us multiple photos, see below for easy ways to transfer them to us. 

It's best to be selective, rather than just adding every available picture of the deceased. Choose the best / clearest photos for a more professional look. If possible choose photos in landscape orientation to fill the 16:9 screen. (If the photo won't fill the whole screen, try to have a black background if you are compiling the presentation.)

*To allow time to check it works on our system please ensure presentations are supplied before the funeral by at least…

  • 24 hours before for a prepared presentation
  • 2 days before if we are to prepare the presentation