1979: Samuel, the original founder of the firm died aged 81. His son John was now managing the business and was joined by his son Jim. s.clarke+son now spanned three generations of the Clarke family.

1990: The steady growth in business necessitated the move to their present address at Court Square. The newly renovated premises included a suite of offices and a modern embalming theatre. The adjacent funeral church, accommodating up to 140 mourners, also provides individual rest rooms and private facilities for the officiating minister. Extensive car parking was created at the rear of the premises.

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1992: Like his dad before him in 1952, Jim qualified as an embalmer, joining the British Institute of Embalmers.

2004: In December 2004, s.clarke+son Bangor opened at 64 Newtownards Road. With a funeral church seating up to 200 mourners, private rest rooms, arranging rooms and office facilities, it allowed the company to have a presence in Bangor as well as Ards.

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2006: s.clarke+son started a web–view service, streaming funerals live online, becoming the first to do so. This service is still available today!

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