During WWII after the firm was contracted to undertake for fatalities amongst RAF personnel, the horses were sold to accommodate a fully motorised fleet. The old stables  to the rear of the Movilla Street premises were converted to garages for the hearses and limousines.

1940: John Clarke entered his father’s employ and together they saw the business increase.

1952: John (aged 26) married Lylla and she joined John in the family business doing the books and engraving coffin plates. That year John became a fully qualified embalmer, joining the British Institute of Embalmers.

1950’s: John and Sam rescued two schoolboys from a 200 foot ledge in Scrabo Quarry. Later John rescued a dog from the quarry and they received commendations for their bravery.

1970: Further business growth meant that a funeral church was needed. The first one was built  in Court Square, beside a back entry to the houses on Canal Row. (That back entry 20 years later, would become a new reception area / entrance hall to a further expanded s.clarke+son!)

S. Clarke & Son - since 1918