bangor facilities

s.clarke+son bangor opened at Newtownards Road, Bangor, in December 2004. A major renovation was carried out for the company’s centenary in 2018. Today, the Bangor facilities include:

  • Spacious, air–conditioned Funeral Church with seating options for up to 130 / 200 mourners (pre–Covid19)
  • Podcast audio / video recording*
  • Broadcast LIVE via secure private web stream to family and friends around the world*
  • Video projector with DVD / CD / mp3 playback*
  • Individual restrooms for private viewing
  • Car parking to the rear of the building
  • A fully trained staff team in a suite of offices
  • Rooms where you can plan a funeral in private
  • Phone lines staffed 24 / 7 / 365

*Services available on request and need to be arranged before the day of the funeral.

S. Clarke & Son - since 1918 Bangor Branch