online headstone information

Making Your Choices Online:

To choose a headstone online, click below to view (or download) our new interactive Headstone Brochure. It includes advice and guidance to help you choose an inscription and offers ALL options and colours available with each headstone. If you get stuck, our help is available on the phone.

  1. Click HEADSTONE BROCHURE button below
  2. Browse the available headstones
  3. Click "CHOOSE THIS ONE" button
  4. Follow the steps & create the inscription
  5. Fill in your contact details
  6. Click SUBMIT once complete

We send out paperwork to be signed: a quotation, scaled drawing of the headstone with inscription and completed Council forms if needed.

If you prefer the pen and paper version / or want just basic options: Click below to open and complete / download / print the basic order form. You can type into the boxes / click the tick boxes. Once completed, save and email it to us or drop in a paper copy.

UNSURE? Contact us to discuss your options and requirements:

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