memorial tablets + wedges

WEDGES are generally placed on a grave instead of a headstone, or in front of a headstone, giving extra space for inscriptions.
(We are usually able to match existing stone colour, inscription font, style and colour.) 

DESK TABLETS are wedges with the addition of a flower vase (giving less room for the inscription).

SLABS are similar to wedges, but without the taper to the front. They are usually 1–2” thick and placed on graves of buried ashes. (Some churchyards specify the size.)

Any of the above can have a short inscription engraved, (names in CAPITALS with other words in Leading Capitals.)

COLOURS: Black | Light Grey | Dark Grey | Blue Pearl*

SIZES range from 12” x 12” up to 18” x 18”*
*(Other sizes / colours can be supplied on request.)

We can do all arrangements on the phone / via email. 


To order: call or email with details and inscription:

028 9181 2168 |