memorial repair

Over time memorials can weather, get damaged in the cemetery, or become unstable, but can be easily restored or repaired. Marble that started off looking white can weather to a dirty grey and these can come up especially well (see photographs below). If you are able to supply a photo of the current state of a memorial needing work, it will speed things up. If you aren't able to supply a photograph, we can schedule a detailed survey.

If you would like us to do a survey / carry out a repair or refurbishment, contact us with location and details:

028 9181 2168 |

Or via WhatsApp: 07923 996 551

Memorials: Whether you are considering new memorial headstone, wedge, tablet or vase, adding a new inscription to an existing memorial, or having memorials restored or repaired, we have the experienced and skilled craftsmen to complete the task. Our advice is free and impartial and memorials or inscriptions are crafted to your specification. We can make all arrangements on the phone or via email.