the wider vision club

The Wider Vision Club was started as a social club for blind and visually impaired people in the North Down and Ards area over 45 years ago. It was started for people who had been on training and mobility course on the use of a cane and how to make items with cane for a living e.g. baskets etc. In order to keep in contact with each other after the six week course, the members formed the Wider Vision Club – a social rehabilitation club for those visually impaired.

The concept was hold two or three meetings a month with invited speakers or for members to undertake enjoyable activities which they could participate in and also help to reduce their feelings of isolation and loneliness. Most of the members who avail of our club are in the 50+ age range – with some being almost 90 years of age!

Until the current economic downturn, the Wider Vision Club had received grant assistance from the SEH&SC Trust to help with transportation costs thus enabling members to attend from Ards, Bangor, Comber and Greyabbey. However with the grant funding now withdrawn due to budgetary pressures within the Trust, members have been finding it more difficult to sustain regular meetings due to the increased costs associated with room hire, insurance and transportation costs.

The Wider Vision Club looks forward to welcoming those with visual impartment or eye conditions or physical impairments to their club in order to prevent social isolation, encourage members and let them have an enjoyable time with likeminded members.

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