tekoo primary school, uganda

Abaana, a Bangor based charity, in conjunction with S Clarke+Son Funeral Directors, are partnering with the Tekoo Primary School Uganda alongside Thriving Life Church, Newtownards to build a new Primary School as a living legacy to our 2018 Centenary Year.

A team from Abaana visited Tekoo Primary School and they were very keen to have a partnership with Abaana. The staff also met with local government leaders, and they were also very keen to see development in the area as it was the only school available to serve the eight nearby villages.Abaana aims to develop the school sites they partner with over a period of time and currently has 13 school sites at different phases. Each development is often drafted into various stages as the individual school developments are dependent on when partnering funders can be found, and the preference of their funding.

The Local Chairperson of the project (a local leader) is the original land owner who donated 10 acres of land to the school and an agreement of this is in place with the Abaana Staff and countersigned by the sub county. The land agreement was signed in the presence of 186 members with all these records being held at the school.

On the day of the Abaana staff visited the school there were 218 children in attendance which was an increase from previous year (150 children) with a total enrolment at the school of 225 children.

Classes currently run from primary one to primary six and they expect to have a number of students for the leaving exams next year. The children pay school fees of between 6,000/= and 10,000/= a term (£1.30 and £2.20) with the current compliment of teachers (six) being paid 80,000/= per month (£17).

There was clear evidence of both local and wider community participation in this work and indeed another school hut and dug a school latrine had been added since the previous visit.

An inadequate water supply continues to prove to be a major challenge as there is no borehole in the local vicinity and therefore the community have to walk a significant distance to gain access to their necessary water for everyday living.

Through this partnership with S Clarke + Son Funeral Directors, it is hoped to be able to complete the build of a new school during this Centienial Year of 2018. This new school, together with associated facilities, will fulfil Abaana’s goal of helping the children and community to break the chains of poverty, through education.

We intend to keep you updated as the Tekoo School Project progresses through blogs, photographs, videos, on site visits etc. – so do keep watching this page for further updates and information.

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