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The Thriving Life Church (TLC) has partnered with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) to deliver a course that has been designed to help those in need by equipping them with new skills for everyday life. The TLC Compassion Centre, where CAP is based, exists to give everyone in our community the opportunity to access free help and support from a range of services which they offer. They believe that every person matters to God and deserves to have the love and support of the local church.

CAP has already successfully run two courses, with a total of 12 delegates completing the course which has helped delegates to learn a range of new skills and as well as bringing structure for them attending the course on a regular.

The CAP Lifeskills Course is an 8 session course (2hrs per week) where people will discover the life skills needed to survive on a low income. The course will run three times per year with an extra week–long course for parents without childcare options to attend and will have a kids club available for them to access.  The course covers topics such as budgeting, shopping on a budget, cooking on a budget, healthy relationships, healthy lifestyle and exercise, grow in self–confidence and finishes each week with having lunch together.

Since they have been promoting the course they have seen a real need for young parents, who would love to attend, being able to access childcare. This has been further highlighted through their link with our Newtownards Foodbank and in having regular conversations with people every week struggling to manage on a low income.

They believe that people in our local town of Newtownards will benefit from this provision with their aim is to engage with individuals and families living on benefits or low income. By the end of the course they hope that delegates will learn new skills which lead to life change; will grow in confidence; and will accomplish new boundaries in life.

In offering these coaching sessions by a trained CAP Life Skills Coach delegates will gain helpful tips to enable them to confidently enhance their standard of living by teaching them certain skills on how to manage money better, live a healthier life and improve relationships making friends along the way.

CAP realise that when it comes to saving money and making lifestyle changes there can be lots to learn and people can sometimes struggle with the pressures of life in a stressful way and feel challenged when they don’t know where to begin dealing with stuff not to mention feeling isolated. So by offering this course in a fun environment where people can be relaxed and join in social activities in a group and get to know people.

Elements of the course include: How to make up a budget and make priority payments; How to make money go further – branding down and shopping on a budget; Using Cash only no Credit; How to Cook on a budget, simple cooking techniques and educating on how to buy nutritious food on a budget; Advice on healthy lifestyle and personal well–being; and Discussions on healthy relationships.   If you’re interested in getting some great life skills just get in contact with CAP.

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