bangor gateway club

The Bangor Gateway Club is a local umbrella group of the Royal Mencap Society which seeks to enable those with severe learning disabilities to meet together in a safe environment where they can have some fun time and let of some steam.

The Bangor Gateway provides a wide range of activities such as music in the form of a full disco, dancing, singing etc.  There are also participative sports with football and snooker, alongside life skill activities such as creative crafts, make–up and cookery skills.

The Gateway Club heavily relies on a volunteer team who give their time on a regular basis which also gives parents and carers a few hours of well–deserved respite. Not only do they provide this service, they help with the upkeep and smooth running of the club which also includes organising any fundraising activities to provide a vital income stream.

Over the past number of years, the Gateway Club the members who utilise this service has significantly increased to in excess of 120+ and it provides an essential meeting place for all the members. Indeed we have noticed that there appears to be a need for more similar type groups in many different locations throughout the Ards and North Down area.

Bangor Gateway Club actively engages with our community and more recently has worked with Movilla High School. Together we are encouraging young people to interact with those who have a disability and to raise their awareness that everyone can work as a team whether abled–bodied or not. So if you want to get involved and make an impact for the better in somebodies life – get in contact with them!

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S. Clarke & Son

Joe Brown,
Elim Pentecostal Church,
13 Balloo Crescent,
Bangor BT19 7WP